Northeast Region of the Global Methodist Church Holds Convening Conference

On April 11-13, 2024, the Convening Conference of the Northeast Region of the Global Methodist Church was hosted at Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. This historic event was the first gathering of Northeast Global Methodist Church representatives from the 13-state Northeast region including members from Maine to West Virginia and part of Pennsylvania. There are currently 175 churches and over 200 clergy that have joined the GMC in this region with many more in the process of joining. The theme of the event was Moving in the Spirit. During the historic convening conference, over 450 people attended from
every part of the Northeast. The event included the ordination of 45 Elders and 9 Deacons. The legal and financial structure legislation was adopted by member voting with almost unanimous results. A significant amount of time was devoted to fellowship, inspiring guest speakers, worship and prayer for the new denomination and the Global Methodist Church.

The Reverend Steven Taylor, President Pro Tem of the Northeast region and GMC Bishop Mark J. Webb officiated the 2 ½ day gathering. Reverend Taylor cast the vision for the Conference and emphasized the commitment across the Northeast and the globe to worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly. Bishop Webb led the ordination service where he described the denomination as, “A connectional orthodox Wesleyan Methodist movement with a mission to multiply the number of followers of Jesus.” He added, “Our priority is to trust the promise and message of the cross and boldly proclaim the message of the cross.” The Global Methodist Church launched officially on May 1, 2022 as a new denomination upholding traditional scriptural and Wesleyan theology and discipline and as a Holy Spirit inspired movement supported by fervent prayers, faithful discernment, and scriptural authority. Many of the almost 6,000 churches that currently make up the Global Methodist Church are congregations that disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church based on a variety of doctrinal disagreements. Throughout the world, convening conferences continue to be held to establish structures and to ordain clergy to be appointed to newly-affiliated GMC churches.

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